Our Story

Craft Carriers specializes in creating hand crafted wooden carriers for beer. We are located on Bainbridge Island, WA, in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, the home of Craft Brewing in the US and source of some of the best timber in the world.

Given these two great things that we have, it was only natural to combine them... enter the Original Solid Wood 6-Pack Craft Carrier.

The 6-pack carrier started off as great Christmas present for some of my friends who love to drink, brew, and taste local craft beers. We were always bringing 6-packs of our newest finds to each other's houses, and it always seemed a shame to carry these great beers in flimsy cardboard carriers (I think we've all seen what happens if one of those gets water logged...). So I decided to create the ultimate 6-pack carrier which not only safely transport these fine beers, but would also be a piece of art unto itself. We are very proud of our carriers, and we'd love it if you'd help us spread the word about Craft Carriers.

Thanks for reading,


(Owner / Head Craftsman)